Tips on Buying Culinary In Tourist Places. Budget Remains Safe Despite Free Culinary Tours!

Recently viral video on TikTok a tourist complained about food prices in the Malioboro area. The owner of the TikTok @aulroquet account, whose video is viral, admitted that he was surprised at the price of a pecel lele at the snack place he ate was unnatural. The price of food or drink in tourist attractions is indeed relatively slightly more expensive than in other public places. However, sellers also bear special levies at tourist attractions. However, if the price is unnatural aka much more expensive, it feels like a protest! Ever experienced?

The expensive price of food in tourist attractions is often complained by tourists. Moreover, there are often sellers who cheat by outsmarting their trade. As a result, food and beverage prices can be many times more expensive than general selling prices. Not to mention if the taste and portion do not match the price, it can make buyers feel deceived. Well, in anticipation of food vendors who are ‘naughty’ at unreasonable prices in tourist attractions, this is tips on snacks at tourist attractions so that your budget for your streets stays even though satisfied with culinary tours. Let’s check out the snack tips at the following tourist attractions!

Budget Remains Safe Despite Free Culinary Tours!

1. First, look for a reference to a dining place that many people recommend on the internet. You can use the Google Local Guide to find out the reputation of the dining area you want to visit

In addition to knowing the reputation of dining places based on visitors’ previous experiences, you can also know what facilities the seller provides. Visitor assessment can be considerateanmu to try recommended food. Even you can get leaks about the taste, price and service at the dining area you are going to visit.

2. Consider the budget you budget for meals. The price stated when you search the internet for references may change

If you find an eating place you want to go, don’t forget to adjust to your eating budget. Some eating places in tourist areas apply special prices during the holiday season. Don’t get it because of the many recommendations people have, you forget to control spending on meals. At least you have more budget than the price you find online in anticipation of a price increase if you visit in the holiday season.

3. If you don’t have time to find a recommendation for a place to eat, you can choose a crowded place to eat and visit many local people

A crowded dining area is usually one of the signs that the food is good and won’t disappoint. This can be applied to either a dining area like a restaurant or a foot trader in the tourist area. Well, if you want to eat at a street vendor, you can choose a place where many local people visit for example public transportation drivers or workers around tourist attractions. This kind of dining area usually offers good food at reasonable prices.

4. Use language with a local accent as much as possible. Don’t forget to say hello to the seller intimately, I don’t think you’re familiar than getting hit by a high price

This way can keep you from looking like an out-of-town tourist. At least you’ll look like a long-stayer. It is undeniable that out-of-town tourists considered a boisterous person and could be exploited by a rogue merchant. Thankfully you can greet the merchant with familiar greeting. For example, pakde, budhe, bulek, teteh, aa or other familiar greeting typical of the region you visit.

5. Don’t be embarrassed, let alone the incentive to ask the price of the merchant before deciding to sit down and order food

This is the most effective way to avoid getting stuck while eating in a tourist area. This way you can do it by mince words asking for the menu available. While asking menu, ask the price and package you can get. If the price feels unnatural, you can reason that the menu you are looking for is not available. That way you can avoid ‘naughty’ food vendors who suddenly pay a price well above the limit of maturity.

6. To avoid unnatural prices, you can choose minimarkets to just buy drinking water

Tourists most often feel deceived when buying drinking water at tourist attractions. Somehow, the price of drinking water at tourist attractions can be three or even five times more than the general price. Ever buy mineral water for 10 grand? If you have, surely you feel that price is unnatural. Well, to avoid this you can buy drinks at the minimarket.

Final Words

Well, those are the tips for snacks at tourist attractions that you can practice when you want culinary tours without worrying about being deceived by rogue traders.

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