This is the 4th Halal Tourism Area in Kemenparekraf

The central Ministry of Tourism and Tourism (Kemenparekraf) said: “Praise Traveling in Indonesia. In this case halal tourism is developed. Indonesia became the country with the largest number of Muslim population in the world. Surely halal tourism can attract many interested parties.

Indonesia has great potential to develop halal tourism. The reason is because Indonesia is the country with the largest number of Muslim population in the world as well as diverse tourist destinations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has 5 regions that are relied on for halal tourism, namely Aceh, West Sumatra, NTB, Riau Islands and DKI Jakarta. Meanwhile, on top of that are four outstanding ones.

Four of the above five regions were excelled in the development of halal tourism because Aceh, Sumbar, NTB and DKI Jakarta were able to win awards in the 2016 World Halal Tourism Award.

The Riau Islands also have the potential to become halal tourism destinations. The Sultan’s Raya Mosque on Stinger Island became one of the religious tours of the Riau Islands.

The Riau Islands has support facilities that are very supportive of being halal tourist destinations as well as Kepri equipped with various destinations based on moslem friendly tourism. one that is often made a tourist destination of people muslim is the Sultan Mosque of the Riau Islands on Stinger Island.

Final Words

Previously, the total potential of halal tourism possessed by Indonesia was overwhelming. There are more than USD 1.6 trillion and already open opportunities for the global tourism industry over the quality needs of Muslim tourists.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sandiaga Uno invited all parties to encourage the concept of ‘Berwisata di Indonesia Aja’ One of them by visiting religious sites in Indonesia.

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