Recommendation 5 Beautiful and Refreshing Falls in Bogor

Bogor talk for and around the capital city residents means a short holiday with the coolness of the weekend. Yup, the city with the nickname Rain City is indeed famous for its natural acidity because it is high in the topographical contours of the hills.

Famous as a holiday destination, various tourist destinations have also sprung up in Bogor From places that are intentionally made attractive as tourist destinations, to destinations of nature that have just been revealed their authenticity. If you’re planning a vacation to Bogor, here is a recommendation of 8 waterfall destinations that could be an option if you meet with urban tourism. Some waterfalls are even able to give an intimate impression with their cool. Well, let’s not be curious, check out the following brief review.

Beautiful and Refreshing Falls in Bogor

1. Curug Orok that has a small nan intimate waterfall. But the place is as good as well

Curug Orok is a waterfall from the stream of the Cirangrang River which is Megam dammed region, Bogor. It’s called orok because the size of the waterfall there is quite small, like children as the word orok means in Sundanese. Because of its small size, the waterfall offers an intimate natural impression. To be able to play water all you want, you just pay 12 thousand rupiahs.

2. Enjoying Curug Princess Kencana at once can set up a tent there

If this waterfall is located in Central Coral Village, Babakan Madang, Bogor If you want to go there you can use a car or a motorbike because it is quite easy to get access. By paying an admission of only 15 thousand rupiah, you can already enjoy the beauty of Curug Putri Kencana waterfall. The waterfall area is also equipped with atmosphere support ornaments such as a 10-meter-high bamboo bridge. To make it more interesting, you can also set up a tent in the waterfall area by paying an additional fee of 15 thousand rupiah.

3. Curug Cikuluwung covered by beautiful rock cliffs

Want a more exotic atmosphere? Try stopping by Curug Cikuluwung. Located right in Kampung Suka Asih, Cibitung Wetan Village, Pamijan District. The waterfall surrounded by these rocky cliffs stirs the spirit for a quick dip. Try to imagine the seep of river water plus a framed landscape of cliff rocks. In order to enjoy the beauty of Curug Cikuluwung you will pay only 10 thousand rupiah tickets.

4. Leuwi Lieuk, his brother Leuwi Hejo who is no less cold

It’s familiar with Leuwi Hejo’s curug, right? Well, this Lieuk Leuwi is not. far from that place, which is in the Babakan Madang area, Sentul, Bogor. It is reported that Leuwi Lieuk is not as peaceful as Leuwi Hejo loh. That is because access to this waterfall is quite a drain. But take it easy, your tiredness will be worth the clear flow of river water covered with rock walls. For some tourists and the public, Leuwi Lieuk is also referred to as Green Bogor’s Canyon.

5. Curug Luhur, a 62-meter-high waterfall with a water ride facility

Well, if this one destination could be an option if you intend a bar holiday family. Because in addition to waterfalls, Curug Luhur area also has artificial water rides with the completeness of various facilities. The waterfall located in Mount Malang Village, Tenjolaya, Bogor County is 62 meters high, with a wall full of vegetation that makes it look beautiful. Since various facilities are available in addition to its natural waterfall, to enter Curug Luhur. You have to pay a ticket of 40 thousand rupiah per person.


Well there are 8 waterfall tourist destinations you can visit in Bogor. There’s no need to reach deep into the beauty of nature. Which waterfall do you want to go to the most?

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