Purbalingga’s Hidden Beauty Waiting For You to Browse

Do you have any friends or acquaintances who used to speak using the unique dialect of Ngapak? It’s possible that your friend is from Purbalingga, a district whose beauty will be discussed in this article. Although it is not as famous as Bali or Yogyakarta, Purbalingga is one of the main tourist areas in Central Java. If you haven’t thought about exploring it, it’s time to include Purbalingga on the list of tourist cities you should visit.

What makes Purbalingga worth a visit? Check it out first yuk article on this one.

Purbalingga’s Hidden Beauty

Purbalingga’s Hidden Beauty Waiting For You to Browse

1. Do you know if Purbalingga has a strawberry garden? Experience the deliciousness of picking directly and eating all-you-can-eat strawberries at the Pratin Strawberry Garden Tour Wana, Attar.

Want to enjoy the coolness of the mountain slope area while snacking strawberries? Just come to Pratin, attack, Karangreja. A stretch of strawberry garden and panoramic view of the mountains will make your eyes fresh. Here, you can pick strawberries yourself right out of the tree and eat them until satisfied. But, not most of all, where is it good for your vacation if you have a stomachache?

2. Who has been to Purbalingga, must know Owabong aka Bojongsari Water Tourist Object

Yes, Purbalingga has that famous Owabong water ride. This recreation site even received the most tourist visitors award from the Governor of Central Java in Visit Central Java 2013, as well as ranked number one for the water park (water park) and thematic (theme park) categories in the 2014 Sapta Charman Clean Public Toilet, organized by the Director General of Tourism Destination Development, Ministry of Agriculture.

By the way, do you know that Owabong is an acronym of Bojongsari Water Tourism Object? In this 4.8 ha area, you can find various rides the unique water game, including the Spilt Bucket, the Misguided Pool, and the Tsunami Free Beach. Admission to Owabong costs only Rp20,000 on ordinary days and Rp25,000 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

3. Want to know what it’s like to be Batman based in the Batcave? Yuk, browse Goa Lawa on Karangreja!

Lawa in Java means bat. It was named so because the cave became a nest of thousands of wild bats during the day. So, it’s only natural that the inside The cave smells of bat shit, considering that it’s not fitted with room temperature inside.

In contrast to the caves in the mountains of Lima, Goa Lawa located in Siwarak village of Karangreja sub-district is formed by the process of cooling lava, thus forming rocks austere without stalactites and stalagmites. At least, it takes an hour to go down the aisles of caveats that reach this 1 kilometer long.

4. Don’t miss Arwana’s “tobok” exclamation at the giant Purbasari Shower Mas aquarium.

The Arowa in question was certainly not the Tukul Arowa who had been “observed” with Joshua, but rather one of those popular freshwater fish. Yes, Purbasari Shower Mas Tourist Park has a giant aquarium with freshwater fish. Interestingly, here you can also find arapaima gigas, a giant freshwater fish whose native habitat is on the Amazon River.

This educational tour park is located in Purbayasa Village, Padamara District. By paying 10 thousand rupiahs, you can get an impressive sightseeing experience in this place. In addition to the giant aquarium, it is also equipped with Exotic Bird Park, a swimming pool, and an artificial lake.

5. In the afternoon, sit down leisurely while drinking coffee surrounded by panoramic horizon in Puncak Watu Geong.

In the “mountain” world, Korakan Mountain seems to be rarely mentioned. His height is indeed ‘only’ It’s 590 mdpl high, but its peak named Watu Geong will make you feel comfortable sitting around for a long time. How can I not? Here, you can enjoy the scenery of hills as well as villages and towns that are in the distance.

Watu Geoung means ‘hanging stone’. So named because of the existence of the giant rock a house that is like a hanging. From Mountwilled Village, Rembang, the peak of Watu Geong can be reached on foot for about 40 minutes through the trail and shrubbery.

Final Words

Well, that’s part of the fun tourist spot you deserve to visit in Purbalingga! Who calls people Purbalingga, has any other recommendations, no, for readers?

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