6 Reservoir Tourist attractions in Indonesia

As one of the island countries, there are countless tourist spots in Indonesia recommended to visit. 6 Indonesian islands that must be visited are often hunted.

Yes, the existence of the islands succeeded in giving birth to many tourist spots especially those related to nature. Good management makes the tourist spot famous in as well as abroad.

Speaking of managing tourist attractions, artificial reservoirs can also be found in Indonesia. No less attractive than the 5 most luxurious malls in Indonesia, visiting homeland reservoirs doesn’t have its own excitement.

Want to know what reservoir tourist attractions in Indonesia are recommended to visit? On the occasion this time we will give you the review. Let’s check these out!

Reservoir Tourist

6 Reservoir Tourist attractions in Indonesia

1. Jatiluhur Reservoir

West Java is is the one province whose population is recorded as the most in Indonesia. Its location close to DKI Jakarta makes sightseeing spots in West Java popular among tourists.

On a visit to Java, don’t just enjoy 15 exotic beaches in West Java alone. Yes, there are still many tourist spots other than the beaches you deserve to explore in West Java.

Create your curious about the reservoir tourist spots located in West Java, we have some recommendations – recommended places to visit.

First, there is Reservoir Jatiluhur. The Jatiluhur reservoir is one of the most popular reservoirs in Indonesia.

Built in the era of the Soekarno, Jatiluhur Reservoir was originally established with the aim of water distribution of rice fields around it. However, in reality, it turned out that the Jatiluhur Reservoir was present more than that.

Yes, the ala scenery Purwakarta, West Java made the Jatiluhur Reservoir now function not only as a water provider for rice paddies but also a recreation area that the public can enjoy.

There are many facility that you will find in the Jatiluhur Reservoir such as tennis courts, swimming pools, and bungalows. Visitors can also book a hotel located near Jatiluhur Reservoir.

2. Bajulmati Reservoir

Indonesia is because there are so many fascinating tourist attractions. Even the beauty of such tourist attractions is well known to the country.

One place tourism in Indonesia which is very popular with outside tourists is the King Ampat West Papua tour.

Yeah, who doesn’t? know King Ampat? The exotic of the tourist destination successfully drugged all the eyes that had visited it. Unfortunately, it took a big budget to be able to enjoy the beauty of King Ampat.

However, there is not disappointed. The good news is, you can now enjoy a holiday like in King Ampat without having to go to the tourist destination. That way, even your holiday budget won’t drain the pockets.

Is Bajulmati Reservoir, the next reservoir tourist attraction in Indonesia that we recommend you visit. Bajulmati reservoirs are often predicated as duplicates of King Ampat.

Not without reason, In this Bajulmati Reservoir you will find many small islands around the reservoir that are similar to the scenery in King Ampat, West Papua.

Bajulmati Reservoir is located in Banyuwangi, East Java. This is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature while perpetuating the moment through the camera. Dancing, isn’t it?

3. Sermo Reservoir

The reservoir is in place which is convenient to make both hangout spots and perpetuate images. The reservoirs in Indonesia generally provide a relaxing area of great interest to its visitors.

Next, to those of you who are not satisfied with the two recommendations of the tourist attraction Reservoir located in Indonesia which we reviewed above, please include the name of Sermo Reservoir on your travel agenda.

The Sermo Reservoir is an artificial reservoir located in Kulon Progo County, Yogyakarta. The Sermo reservoir itself is famous as a fitting place to enjoy the sunset.

Yes, you can marry died the view of sunset while setting up a tent in the Sermo Reservoir area. The management authorities allowed visitors to the reservoir to do camping.

Just by bayingar 2000 rupiah, you can already enjoy all the beauty that this Sermo Reservoir presents.

4. Cirata Reservoir

A Visit to Java West, it’s not complete if you don’t go to Cianjur because there are many favorite tourist spots in Cianjur that are dear if missed.

Yes, the reservoir is saIt’s one tourist destination that can’t be absent from your travel agenda if you’re on vacation to Cianjur city, West Java.

Next, to You who like to enjoy the sunset view, please race your vehicle to Cirata Reservoir.

Cirata reservoir is the reservoir in Cianjur which is famous as the best sunset viewing spot in the city.

Not just enjoying reservoir, you can also rent a boat to cover the reservoir area while waiting for sunset. Interested in trying it?

5. Ombo Kedung Reservoir

Looking for a reservoir that have a lot of facilities in it so you can enjoy a variety of fun in the reservoir? If you are, this reservoir one must be on your travel agenda.

Is Kedung Reservoir Ombo, a reservoir that has a myriad of facilities where visitors can enjoy various activities in it such as riding a boat, experiencing the exclamation of jet skiing, to the funny thing about riding water ducks.

Located in Grobogan, Central Java, Kedung Ombo Reservoir is a favorite tourist destination for local people as well as tourists outside the region.

A Visit to Grobogan, it would be less complete if it missed the excitement offered by Kedung Ombo Reservoir. So, wait what else?

6. Gajah Mungkur Reservoir

Gajah Mungkur Reservoir May be one of the most popular reservoirs in Central Java province.

Located in Wonogiri, Central Java, the Gajah Mungkur Reservoir has become a landmark of the city that is identical to the meatball and chicken noodle cooker.

Located not far from Dari downtown, you can enjoy the beauty of the natural scenery in this Gajah Mungkur Reservoir.

Experience enjoying the view of the reservoir is getting more engrossed with the presence of various restaurants peddling marine processed products scattered in the reservoir area.

Yes, grilled fish menu can’t miss it if you visit this Elephant Reservoir.

Final Words

There comes a tourist attraction reservoir in Indonesia that we have already reviewed and recommended for you. Have a nice vacation.

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