5 Recommendations of Must-visit Tourist Places When It Comes to Kulon Progo

New tours are emerging a lot especially those in Kulon Progo County. Tours that present the natural beauty and tourist attractions in Kulon Progo are flooded with many visitors from local to foreign countries. Kulon Progo is a County surrounded by hills and beaches. the hills that exist in Kulon Progo are menoried hills with various open-air nature-themed tourist attractions.

Kulon Progo has an abundance of tourist spots that visitors are now visiting a lot. The widely visited place is a place with a natural theme with beautiful scenery and a breathtaking air making the tour very crowded. Let’s take a look at the recommendations of 5 must-visit tourist spots when coming to Kulon Progo.

Tourist Places in Kulon Progo

1. Kalibiru

This place sIt has been visited a lot for its beauty, presenting a very eye-indulgent natural landscape. The beauty of Kaliblue was already seen before this place stood with a view toward the Sermo Reservoir. It is then managed by nearby residents to be made a tourist spot.

Scenic The lake-like Sermo reservoir became one of the sights gained from Kaliblue. The relatively low admission price is only IDR 10,000, you can enter this tourist attraction and there are many games provided. Kalibuya is addressed in Hargowilis, Kokap District, Ka district of Kulon Progo, D.I.Yogyakarta

2. River Park Mudal

River Park Mudal is a very suitable place for families because of its astringent atmosphere with many large trees that add a refreshing impression. This place is a tourist attraction that presents natural beauty especially natural water pools. With very clear water that will make useless just wanted to soak in his water, the water came from Goa which is near the Mudal River Park.

When the season The dryness arrived. The existing water in the pond was not dried and used by nearby residents to get water. With an affordable entrance fee of around RP 6,000 you can already feel the freshness of the water at Mudal River Park. Mudal River Park is addressed in Banyunganti, Jatimulyo, Kecamatan Girimulyo, Kulon Progo County, D.I. Yogyakarta.

3. Nglinggo Tea Garden

a stretch of yan tea treeg green as far as the eye can see, the typical air of a very cool handlebar. With quite a long distance to travel when you get to the venue all the fatigue is reciprocated with the scenic beauty of the Nglinggo Tea Garden.

a splendid view make this place once one of the backgrounds of a movie. By paying Rp 6,000 you can already enjoy the beauty and freshness that is very typical of mountain air. Nglinggo Tea Garden in West Nglinggo, Pagerharjo, Samigaluh District, Kulon Progo Regency, D.I.Yogyakarta.

4. Goa Kiskendo

Goa Kiskendo constitutes a tourist spot that has stories or legends that exist in the community. As the relief that lies ahead describes, tell or describe the history that once took place in Goa Kiskendo.

Goa Kiskendo also seperti the case of Goa generally has stalactites and stalakmites that are still active. Judging from still continuing to grow up to now. The price of a ticket that has to be paid to be able to witness it is only Rp. 5,000 you can already pay.ikmati beauty in Goa. Goa Kiskendo has an address in Sokomoyo, Jatimulyo, Girimulyo District, Kulon Progo Regency, D.I.Yogyakarta.

5. Peddut Wound

As is Park Creek Mudal, this Kedung Pedut tour presents a pool of water formed by a waterfall whose water has hit rocks for thousands of years around the waterfall and made rocks like a pond. Make the water of this pond very lucid and pool depth are not very deep. This place has several pools. There’s one above and one below.

When you swim, you will feel the freshness of the water and plus the surrounding scenery that many trees will spoil your eyes. With a relatively cheap admission only IDR 5,000 you can already enjoy the freshness of Kedung Pedut water. Pedut thickness addressed on Jl. Kutogiri Mount Kelir, Kulang, Jatimulyo, Girimulyo District, Kulon Progo Regency, D.I.Yogyakarta.


How beautiful isn’t it, The tourist attractions in Kulon Progo present eye-indulgent beauty. So take time to Kulon Progo to experience the beauty of the outdoors

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