5 Most Horror Tourist Places in Jakarta

As one of the busiest cities in Indonesia, Jakarta keeps many attractive tourist attractions that you love to miss, especially if you live in this densely populated city.

Yes, in addition to the Instagrammable hotel in Jakarta that hits and misses, in Jakarta you will also find a variety of attractive even unique tourist attractions. One of Jakarta’s unique features is tourism his horror.

For those of you interested in mystical things, challenge your guts to experience the excitement of Jakarta’s most horror tourist destination.

Below we have recommendations for what places are labeled the best places in Jakarta. Curious? Let’s check these out!

Horror Tourist Places in Jakarta

5 Most Horror Tourist Places in Jakarta

1. Saidah Tower

Jakarta is metropolitan city. In this town stands skyscrapers. Not only skyscrapers, the Instagrammable museum in Jakarta adds to the attractiveness of the city which is the center of the country’s business and industry.

behind its magnificence high-rise buildings in Jakarta as well as museums with high historical value, Jakarta which used to be called Batavia in the Dutch population era also houses horror spots that have become its own urban legend.

like to spur adrenalin? Visiting the most horror tourist spots in Jakarta can make you a choice if you get tired of mainstream tourist spots in Jakarta.

However, it remains a perk turn off both prohibition and abstinence so that unwanted things don’t happen, yes!

Horst place in Jakarta the first to come from the Saidah Tower. The building is already so attached to the public’s memory that it is mentioned as one of the most horror places in the heart of Jakarta.

Located on the Road Letjen M.T Haryono, from the outside, Saidah Tower is not much different from the skyscrapers around him other than the fact that the building wants to have been abandoned for a dozen years.

Yes, I did elite office building in early 2000, unfortunately the age of Saidah Tower was only the age of corn. This building in the typical architectural style of Ancient Greece is now left abandoned.

A variety of horror stories or there’s also a sound where in the Saidah Tower there are frequent sightings of invisible creatures.

2. Potato House

Speaking of Jakarta, a city with a variety of tourist attractions hits such as the TARAN museum that was viral a while ago, also did not escape from the horror places just like other cities in Indonesia.

Next, we would like to invite you to explore the horror scene in the heart of Jakarta which has become a separate urban legend by the local people. Yeah, especially if it’s not the Potato House.

Potato House exists it’s one of the most horror spots in Jakarta.

Located in roadway Dharmawangsa, the horror story in Potato House begins when the initial resident of this house finds his young son falling into a large cauldron containing boiled potatoes. This event killed the child.

This is why the house was named Potato House and became very popular. So popular, Hama Potato was used as the setting of an Indonesian horror film several years ago.

3. Hole B Well Alligator

National Monument was a silent witness to the struggles of Indonesian independence heroes. One of the landmarks of this Jakarta City holds a high historical value.

Besides Monas, can also be a historical place in Jakarta that is a silent witness to how much the hero’s efforts to free our homeland are. The place is the Crocodile Hole.

Become a place in the darkest event in Indonesian history, G30S/PKI, various horror stories began to spread in the midst of society. Yes, the Crocodile Pit is said to be one of the most torrid places in Indonesia.

One of y spots gives goose bumps is the well where this place is thrown away from our proclamation heroes.

mystical vibes are attached to the Crocodile Pit so that as much as possible visitors should never leave their mind empty. Very visit one of the most popular educational tourist attractions in Jakarta.

4. Red Shops

Tu City Toura Jakarta is still a prima donna to be used as a gathering spot while enjoying the beauty of architecture first when the name was still Batavia City.

Pulling from segi architecture, Old Town often used as a photo-hunting place also holds horror stories that many of you probably haven’t.

Yes, one of The spot in Old Town is exactly in Red Store, there is a sad story where this store used to be the site of the Gaesong massacre.

Though from outside The Red Store building looks so iconic that it is often used as a background of photos, the fact that this building is not independent of the growing horror story.

One of the said if there was often a woman’s moaning and crying from inside the Red Store when obviously the building was always empty. So, interested in visiting Red Store this?

5. City Park Langsat

Though filled skyscrapers, Jakarta still have some open areas like a city park that suits you if you want to get some fresh air or exercise.

Of all bathe city park found in Jakarta City, Langsat City Park became one of the most eye-catching. Especially if it’s not the mystical aura that envelops this garden.

Yes, the trees This grove that decorates almost the entire area of Langsat City Park is said to be a gathering place for occult creatures.

With a story circulating in this society, it is no wonder that the unusual mystical aura of Langsat City Park was created. You dare to visit this town?


There are five of the most horror tourist spots in Jakarta that we’ve reviewed for you.

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