5 Interesting Fruit Picker Tourist Destinations Make Them Fruit Lovers

Fruit is one of the recommended dishes for everyone to eat. As we know, fruit has a variety of vitamins and contents that are good for the body. Luckily, in Indonesia we don’t have a hard time finding fruits. Even because of the fertile soil, the public could plant a variety of fruit trees.

Because of the ease of access to fruit, almost half of Indonesian people must really enjoy fruit. Because of that anyway, many tourist spots are devoted to fruit lovers. Such tours are usually tourist villages that allow us to grow or pick our own fruit. Well make you who plan or have a desire to pick your own fruit, here are 10 tourist destinations that will suit you!

Tourist Destinations Make Them Fruit Lovers

1. Orange

First tangerine picking tour in the Kintamani region of Bali. The Kintamani area is indeed known for its high quality orange cultivation. Besides being able to bring home the oranges, you will also get a beautiful view here

2. Date palm

You guys definitely once tasted dates dating back to the Middle East. But you guys haven’t necessarily seen palm trees directly. For those of you who find out, going on a trip to the palm garden tour village in Pasuruan is a obligation

3. Strawberry

Region Ciwidey, Bandung is indeed famous for strawberry plantations. You can visit one of the gardens in the ciwidey to pick fruit after traveling to various destinations in the Ciwidey region

4. Strawberry

Tour strawberry ticks are also in Bedugul area, Bali. The place is in demand by both domestic and foreign tourists. In addition to picking fruit themselves, the out bond area is a separate attraction for both children and adults

5. Durian

Make you lovers of Durian, you must visit the village of Durian which is in the city of Jombang. Besides being able to pick, eat, and bring Durian home, you will also be taught how to plant and care for your durian trees. by oneself.

6. Dragon fruit

You’re The inn knows everything about dragon fruit, playing to the Bululawang dragon fruit in Malang city can be an interesting option. In addition to picking dragon fruit yourself, you can taste various dragon fruit from soup to chips of dragon fruit.

Final Words

Well there are 10 destinations for self-pickling tours in Indonesia. What do you guys think? Cool. Isn’t it a tourist destination in Indonesia? By the way, are you guys interested in visiting where?

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