5 Indonesian Tourist Destinations That Are the World’s Center for Attention

In 2 months’ time, the vacation is already coming. So of course we have to get ready to determine our holiday destinations. If necessary we should buy tickets now to avoid the surge in airline-capable prices.

Many people are devoting to vacationing abroad. But do they know that Indonesia has a million surprises and lots of places that haven’t had time for tourist attractions! What are the roads out of the country for if in the country could give you the same thing, or even better?

Here are 5 holiday destinations in Indonesia that are still clean from foreign tourists!

Indonesian Tourist Destinations

5 Indonesian Tourist Destinations That Are the World’s Center for Attention

1. Sumba, West Nusa Tenggara

Sumba is one of the destiny the holiday in Indonesia that was exposed through the movie “Tough Signal” played by Adina Rianti. Through this film, the variety of Sumba tourism is exposed to the audience. From here we can see that Sumba is a place where we can find diverse tourist destinations such as beaches, lakes, countryside, grasslands and more.

Some of the flavored tours the rit that is in Sumba is Walakiri beach, Meliuk-liuk, Laguna Lake Weekuri, Ratenggaro Village, Tirang Village, and more.

2. Belitung Island, B Islandsthe Belitung figure

Since the release of the film “Laskar Pelangi”, Indonesian society that added Belitung as their travel bucket list grew in number in no time. This is due to Belitung’s natural conditions that deeply captivate the eyes and hearts. The majority of tourist attractions there are beaches scattered on many sides of the island, as well as small islands around it. If you’ve decided to stop by Belitung, this are some beaches you can’t miss; High Tanjung Beach, Lengkuas Island, Punai Beach, Sand Island, and more.

3. Cendrawasih By National Park

Cendrawasih Island is wrong One tourist destination where you can take pictures with whales and sharks. If you are one of the aquatic enthusiasts, you are required to visit this Cendrawasih Bay to take the opportunity. In addition, it is highly recommended for snorkeling and diving because underwater natural conditions have an astounding wealth of marine biota.

Cendrawasih Beach is salah one destination you should visit if you are in the mood to relax and enjoy the scent of the beach and watch the waves collide with each other.

4. Komodo Island

Komode Island is long know in Indonesia. Although it is already locally and internationally famous, there may still be many people who hesitate to come because of the “komodo”.

But actually Komodo Island is one of the burrowing destinations in Indonesia that you guys should visit. Putting aside the fact that you can see the purest fauna in person, you can also spend time gaping over the beautiful scenery and exceeding your expectations.

In addition to komodo and beach, sightseeing underwater is also one of the things you can’t miss.

5. Weh Island, Aceh

Yes, guys, the photograph is beach in Sabang city. You didn’t see it wrong at all. Considering Aceh is always better known by its Sharia law, who would have thought that this paradise was stored in Aceh? Weh Island is Indonesia’s first island in northern Indonesia Unexpectedly that it keeps many family tourist destinations unexpectedly, even by the Indonesian people themselves.

With the rising of water in Pulai Weh, there are very many snorkeling and diving services on Weh Island. You can also see the 0 kilometer monument in Indonesia as well as the twin monument in Sabang, and the other one in Merauke.

Final Words

Have you visited any of the above tourist attractions?

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