5 Europe’s Must-visit Christmas Market Destinations

Before long, Christmas carols will be heard. Mistletoe starts hanging, the children start making their gift lists. A fun celebration is coming soon! Agoda summarizes a list of 12 Christmas Markets or Christmas Markets that can be visited around the world for those of you who want to experience the full Christmas spirit, as well as perhaps taste the Christmas special drink, mulled wine.

The Christmas market originated in Europe thus making the continent one of the best places to experience the splendor of Christmas through its romantic streetlights, its charming alleys, as well as its thorough Christmas festivities.

Christmas Market Destinations

1. Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market, Berlin, Germany

Three historic buildings in Gendarme Squarenmarkt, which has always been amazing throughout the season in a year, will be all the more charming and shining brightly thanks to its ornamental lights during the Christmas season. Visit a craftsman’s shop to find Christmas items such as origami crafts, belts, and glass art.

You can also find food stores be a delightful aroma that offers German, Austrian, and Bavarian dishes ranging from everyday cooking to gourmet dishes.

2. Basilica Saint Stephen’s Christmas Market, Budapest, Hungary

If you’re happy to keep up with the development of technology, Christmas Market of Saint Stephen’s Basilica (St. Stephen’s Basilica) is probably the right place. The market is famous for one of Europe’s largest 3D light painting shows, where visitors can be part of the projected narrative at the Saint Stephen’s Basilica. There is a arena free ice for children under the age of 14 and culinary booths offering distinctive Hungarian flavors such as fried sausages and p├ílinka (fruit brandy).

3. Medieval Christmas Market (Adven Celebration in Wittelsbacherplatz), Munich, Germany

Prepare to be taken to medieval times in Munich. Medieval’s night market try perpetuates the atmosphere of Munich’s Christmas market centuries ago, where sellers wore medieval costumes, and items from the medieval period, as well as presenting performances from the century.

Visit this market on weekends where the atmosphere will be more lively, and make sure to unto prepare your camera and perpetuate the singers and knights in irons in action on the streets. Each meal is also made using traditional recipes to keep in tune with the theme of the event.

4. Winter Wonderland Hyde Park, London, England

Looking for a different sensation at the Christmas celebration this time? In addition to gifts and Natal traditionally, there are more than 100 rides and playground attractions for each visitor. This year, the Winter Wonderland Hyde Park market presents the world’s highest transportable culprit (observation wheel), Britain’s largest open ice rink, karaoke, sculpture, performance, and more ban anointing excitement for the whole family.

5. Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic

immerse yourself in a celebration of Christmasceko authentic Czech at the Christmas Market in Prague’s Old Town Square, one of the country’s most beautiful and lively markets with plenty of dances and chorus performances to entertain visitors.

enjoy traditional dishes such as ham roast, sausage, Czech Christmas cake, and local beer. Keep your body warm with hot drinks such as honey wine, grog alcoholic beverages and hot chocolate.

Final Words

So, have you decided for Christmas vacation where guys?

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