5 Coolest Cities in Indonesia

A tropical climate country, the weather in almost all Indonesian cities including tourist attractions in Indonesia is scorching.

Yes, the tropical climate makes cities in Indonesia irreconcilable to cities in other countries as in cities in Korea Selatan that has a cold climate.

However, although it tends to be scorching there are also some cities in Indonesia where the weather is cold so it suits you yang want to take a vacation.

Here is a list of the coldest cities in Indonesia that you deserve to know if you are looking for tourist destinations. Anything at all? Let’s check these out!

Coolest Cities

5 Coolest Cities in Indonesia

1. Mamasa, West Sulawesi

Tropic climate possessed Indonesia makes the weather in our country in certain months feel so scorching.

Sweltering weather quite irritating to the great as of people. Many communities are then looking for cool places like a sightseeing spot for example.

Searching for tourist destinations with the cool weather, make sure you know the coldest city in Indonesia to add to the list of reference your holiday.

First, Mamasa’s name comes in. into the list of cities with cold weather in Indonesia. One of these tourist attractions in West Sulawesi is located in an altitude of 1,900 mdpl.

With those heights No wonder the weather in Mamasa feels so cold. Even so, you can still enjoy a panoramic view of nature that green in Masasa City.

On a visit to the city I, make sure you don’t pass the traditional village tour.

2. His Holiness, Papua

Located at the end of Indonesia or rather easternmost, Papua is one of the provinces that keeps attractive tourist destinations such as National safe Lorentz.

In Papua it is also found a city that entered the list of cities with the coldest weather in Indonesia.

Is Your Majesty, a city located in Papan Jaya Wijaya Regency, Papua Province.

Stand above altitude 2,448 mdpl, Your Majesty’s City has extreme weather where at night the weather temperature is touching 9 degrees centigrade.

Nearby Her Majesty’s City with The Jaya Wijaya Peak Mountains are the reason why the climate in this one town is so cold.

Regardless of super climate coldly, Her Majesty’s City is recorded as one of the cities whose modernization current is very high in Province Papua. Interested in visiting him?

3. Ruteng, Nusa South Eastern

If speak of the best tourist destination in Indonesia, the name NTT or East Nusa Tenggara is confirmed to be in it.

Yes, in East Nusa Southeast there is a variety of tourist spots recommended for you to visit when vacation is like the best beach in Nusa Tenggara East.

Not just the beach, if you are looking for a city with the coldest weather in Indonesia, put East Southeast Nusa on the travel list your next tour.

Is Ruteng, a city small which is located in Manggarai County, East Nusa Tenggara. The city of Ruteng itself is identical to the building his successful modern unanimity stole the attention of tourists.

Stand above altitude 1,200 mdpl makes the weather in Ruteng City so cold. You can conveniently expose the beautifullykota This city of Ruteng is because of the unburned weather.

So, make sure to yellow would be thick clothes while in Ruteng City, this East Nusa Tenggara, yes!

4. Berastagi, North Sumatra

City with the coldest weather di Indonesia did not stop at the previous three cities because there are still many cities that are predicted to be the other coldest city in Indonesia.

Yes, next please come in the name of Diastagi onto the list if you plan to feel how cold the weather is in this Diastagi.

Berastagi itself constitutes is city located in North Sumatra Province where it is flanked by two mountains namely Mount Sibayak and Mount Sinabung.

The city of Rastagi is in height 1,300 mdpl with some ancient villages inside such as Lingga Village and Tongko Village.

Explore the City of Masastagi traveling felt so attractive because of its still green natural panorama and cry beside its cold weather that it would not tire tourists quickly.

5. Rock, East Java

In East Java Province you will find the city with the coldest weather in Indonesia interesting to visit.

Yes, if you’re interested in going to a city whose weather is very cold in Indonesia, make sure to put Batu’s name on the list.

Rock is a city that located in East Java Province and adjacent to Malang City and Surabaya City.

Stone City stands at a height1 1,700 mdpl. With this height, it’s no wonder that the weather in Stone City feels so cold.

Despite the cold, panoramic nature the found in Stone City still looks so fresh and interesting to enjoy.

Final Words

There are five of the coldest cities in Indonesia that we’ve reviewed and recommended for you. May it be worthwhile.

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