4 Tourist Places Near Belitung Airport

Already arranged the year-end leave but still confused where to go? Or has long wanted to visit Belitung but still been going back and forth? Well, it’s time to reflect with the choice of tourist locations as well as the convenience that will get when visiting Belitung.

First, keep in mind yes Belitung Airport is named H.A.S. Airport. Hanandjoeddin Counting since October 2019, the management was held by PT Angkasa Pura II under the official mandate of the Directorate General of Air Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia. That is, a service that passengers will feel while at H.A.S. airport Hanandjoeddin will certainly be adapted to safety and convenience standards as at 18 other airports in the Space Pura II managed homeland.

The airport that used to be called Bungkung Airport is located in Tanjung Pandan, Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands. This airport serves both domestic and international flights, those of you from Jakarta and its surroundings can go straight to the airportrbang from Soekarno Hatta airport (Cangkangreng/CGK – Tanjung Pandan/TJQ). Some tourist points in Belitung can be easily traveled from H.A.S. airport. Hanandjoeddin, among them:

Places Near Belitung Airport

1. Lake Kaolin Belitung

Only 16 minutes drive using a car from the airport, will arrive at Lake Kaolin. The lake that has a clear white land color and the water that is blue is lit up. It is not derived from mountain craters such as Ciwidey White Crater Lake or King’s Tall White Crater, but is formed from the former abandoned Kaolin mining site and nature perfected its beauty. Lake Kaolin is precisely in Tanjungpandan High Water Village, just 10 minutes away from the city center. Its very Beautiful location is often an attractive photo and video location for tourists.

2. Tanjung Pendam Beach

For craft enthusiasts hand, or Ayang wants to see the works of local residents while enjoying the beautiful beach, Tanjung Pendam is the right location. Renowned as a point to enjoy sunset, it is possible to relax the already reserved pendopo along the beach or sit sweetly in the sand under a row of trees that rise to watch the sky change color.

No need to think long, Just 25 minutes from the airport, you’ve arrived at Tanjung Pendam beach. With its white sand and calm sea water, even visitors can swim leisurely along this beach. In the distance an island will appear clearly. That’s Kalimuak Island, a small island that holds some colonial relics, such as a monument and an old well presumed to be a tunnel, as well as a Chinese-style arch and gazebo and rescued objects.

3. Fishing Village (Tanjung Binga)

Before sailing to Lengku Islandace, it is good to stop by Tanjung Binga Fishing Village, right from the banadra with about 30 minutes to travel. Across this village, visitors will be presented with a view of the fish that are the catch of fishermen who are being scalded by the roadside. In addition, the hospitality of the villagers makes visitors feel comfortable when stopping by the village that became the largest producer of salted fish in Belitung. Fishermen’s catch fish will later be marketed throughout Belitung and Jakarta. The type of fish that is the catch of fishermen is Laisy fish.

4. Mentas Stone

The exact location is in K Village Elekak Datuk, Badau District, West Belitung. You can reach it by using a car from the airport for approximately 30 minutes. Mentas Rock boasts natural beauty with its clear river water surrounded by thousands of granite rocks, as well as dense forests, and its unique flora and fauna. In addition, in Mentas rock there is a rare breed of animals, namely Pelilean and Rusa Belitung. Not to mention the local community’s life with pineapple and lettuce garden centers, it will also be an exciting experience when visiting there. The people of Batu Mentas are also famous for their craftsmanship and crafts man ship rattan, which is befitting for hand fruit.


After reading the article above, Of course you’ll be more interested in visiting Belitung.

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