4 Recommendations on Natural Tourism in Semarang

When talking about tourist attractions in Semarang, usually many mentioned are religious tourism, old town, or even culinary. In fact, the capital of Central Java Province also has the potential for natural tourism with hidden charms that you need to connect with.

If you are in ATLAS (Amen, Order, Smooth, Cool, and Healthy) City, try visiting some of the nature tourist spots we recommend below! Don’t forget to take your family, friends, and your lovers with you so that you can feel the beauty. and the hustle and bustle of his natural tourist spots. Without further lingering, check out the review below directly.

Natural Tourism in Semarang

1. Curug Gondoriyo

Natural tourist attractions first you need to visit is Gondoriyo Curug located in Gondoriyo Village, Ngaliyan District, Semarang City. This 15-meter-high curug is from the BSB (New Semarang Hill) which connects to the Beringin River.

From the parking lot only, you can already see the view of the waterfall. In addition to waterfall ecotourism, here you can also find banyu anyes, a water tour that will always be cold even in summer.

Then there’s also a The Londo reed, a water channel made of 100 years old teakwood. In addition, here is also a bamboo bridge named Mak Comblang Bridge. The bridge connecting Gondoriyo and Beringin is fitted with a war umbrellana-colored and garden lights that will turn on when night.

Interestingly, you can come to this Gondoriyo Curug at night because this place stays open until 12 p.m. The waterfall also became visible differently thanks to the 16 lights installed in the waterfall.

2. Grand Maerakaca

Grand Maerakaca there is a tourist destination in the form of a mini park with a miniature house typical of 35 Regencies/Kota in Central Java Province. Then where’s the nature sightseeing spot, please?

Take it easy, if You enter until near the Karimun Jawa miniature, you will find a mangrove tracking spot that looks very beautiful. Not only that, you can also take pictures while riding alone, both with friends, or lovers.

In order for photos to be keep it more interesting. Try to come to this place around 4:00. Not only do you produce better photos, you can also enjoy the sight of the sunset seen on the western horizon.

3. Camp Rose

If you want relax in the open and enjoy the beauty of the sunrise without having to climb the mountain too high, Roses Camp located in Sidomukti Village, Bandungan District, Semarang Regency is perfect for you.

Natural tourist attractions which is at an altitude of approximately 1,000 mdpl. It is one of the climbing gates of Ungaran Mountain. So that you can still feel the coldness and the freshness of the air even though it doesn’t reach the top of the mountain.

However, when you have Up to here, you must feel the thrill of camping here. Take it easy if you don’t bring a tent, because this place also lends you a tent with enough cost of IDR 50 thousand every night.

Not only that, the the general available in this place are also quite complete. From bathrooms, mossala, to stalls selling various kinds of food, drinks, and personal necessities are also available.

That’s it, you can enjoying the evening by looking at the sparkly lights of the city with friends, friends, brothers, or even lovers. Then the next morning, you should immediately find the best spot to wait for the sun to rise.

4. Reco Soccer Gumuk

One more, here, the nature tour pat in Semarang that you need to visit, which is Reco Bekkung Gumuk.

Tourist attractions that located in Kenongo Hamlet, Pembung Village, Banyubiru District, Semarang Regency offers beautiful scenery and attractive spots as photo spots.

Multiple photo spots interesting among them are the Cocoon Bridge, the Sky Swing, the Bird’s Nest, the Sky’s Ondo, and more.

Not only that, you can also enjoy the sturdy beauty of Mount Merbabu in the distance.

If you want to spur adrenaline and love rock climbing sports, you can also try 30 meter-high cliff spots to channel your hobby. It is sufficient to convey your wishes to the managing party that surveillance and security equipment will be provided for you rock climbing.

Final Words

So interested in sightseeing where?

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