4 Best Indonesian Tourist Villages

Got any plans to take a vacation after the pandemic outbreak ends? There are many optional tourist destinations that are definitely on your list.

If you are still confused, you can drop the option to the tourist village as your vacation destination.

Yes, the tourist village becomes one of the perfect places to take a vacation especially if you are a nature lover who craves the atmosphere of cool and green as in Jogja tourist village.

Here is Unique Tourist Site presenting recommendations for tourist villages in Indonesia that are interesting and definitely mandatory to visit. Let’s check these out!

Indonesian Tourist Villages

4 Best Indonesian Tourist Villages

1. Kerberan Village, Bali

Speaking of Indonesia, there are many different tourist attractions in Indonesia that are recommended to visit. One of them is Bali.

Bali itself is uninhabited identical to the coast-coast. Many tourist attractions in Bali are worth exploring like its tourist village. Yes, for you interested in going to a tourist village in Indonesia , put Bali on your list.

In Bali there are several fascinating tourist village. One of them is the Buster Village.

The village of Kerberan constitutes a village located in Gerokgak District, Buleleng Regency, Bali where he is also familiarly referred to as a fishing village.

It started from the village that seedy, Peleran Village was then remodeled in a similar way and transformed into a beautiful tourist village.

offer a view of air the sea is cool, the Peleran Village is a perfect place if you are a nature lover who wants peace.

2. Nglangger Tourist Village, Yogyakarta

It’s not just Bali that always successful in stealing the attention of tourists. There is also Yogyakarta, a city that is predicated as a student city where tourist attractions are located In Jogja it’s always been a hunt for tourists.

Got a lot of attractive tourist attraction, in Yogyakarta you will also find some tourist villages popular among tourists.

One of them is Village Nglanggeran tourism, a tourist village that has recently been viral and has become one of Yog’s top tourist attractions.

Located on the plain that high, Nglanggeran Tourist Village is a tourist village that offers attractive experiences to tourists.

Yes, tourists can how life is like for the local villagers in Nglanggeran Tourist Village so that this one tourist village is suitable for You who want to pull over for a moment from urban life.

3. Sari Park Village, Banyuwangi

While visiting variety done tour in the motherland, what are you looking for? Is the natural atmosphere or culture of the local villagers?

Well, if both are what are you looking for, this next tourist village that is no less attractive than the tourist village in Bali is mandatory for you to visit.

Is Sari Park Village, a tourist village located in Banyuwangi precisely in Slippe District. Its location in West Java made Village Safe This sari has cool air.

Sari Park Village itself has three villages that are integrated with each other, namely Kampung Mining, Kampung Bunga, and Kampung Susu.

Officially become a tourist village, Taman Sari Village offers a variety of interesting things, not only does the panoramic view of nature have cool and green, tourists as well can get to know more closely the local community’s culture.

Therefore, Village Park Sari is a suitable tourist village for nature lovers who want to add knowledge of Indonesian culture. Interested to visit him?

4. Pujon Kidul Village, Malang

Searching for vacation destinations leThe baran in Malang? This next tourist village you can make a choice.

Yes, besides being famous for Museum Lebar which is already a landmark of Malang City, there are also tourist villages that are required to visit tourists while in this town, Pujon Kidul Village.

Pujon Kidul Village constitutes done tourist located in the Pujon Kidul area of Malang, East Java.

In contrast to tourism villages general, the management of the village remodeled Pujon Kidul in such a way that this village was seen very modern with plantations and farms inside.

His place is instagramable making Pujon Kidul Village very popular among young tourists. You can make Puj VillageĀ· On Kidul as your favorite photo spot through his garden decoration which is very eye-indulgent.

So, interested in sun bathing to this Pujon Kidul Village?

Final Words

There are 4 tourist villages in Indonesia that we have recommended. Happy Holiday!

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