3 Unique Museums and Sources of Inspiration to Celebrate Failure and Sadness. Make a Quick Move on!

Failure is regarded as such a terrible thing that it is avoided by everyone. For so many people, when experiencing failure they need inspiration and motivation to quickly rise again. Well, one of the things that could inspire when experiencing failure is by sightseeing or recreation. This is what followed the founding of several museums about failure.

Uniquely, the museum about failure actually keeps a collection of failed items and other sad stories. Usually people who have a failure will try to forget the thing that caused the failure in order to focus on correcting the error. However, in this museum failure is precisely kept as an asset for the future. Wonder what museums there are? Come on! Check out the museum’s review!

Unique Museums

1. Museum of Failure in Innovation.

Stores hundreds of products from renowned brands that fail in the innovation process.

As its name suggests, the museum about this failure carries the motto “Innovation Need Failure” to describe the thing anything that’s collated here. The museum was founded by Samuel West a doctorate in organizational psychology who is interested in studying failure psychology. The museum opened since 2017 was established with the aim of reminding visitors that success or success can begin with failure. There are at least more than 100 products owned by world-renowned brands that were withdrawn from the market or dismissed their production for being considered a failure. For example Google glass, Nokia N-Gage, Coke II, DeLorean, Kodak DC-40, Pepsi Crystal and others etc.

Located in Helsingborg, Sweden this museum serves as a referral for businesses to learn how to learn how to use it another business failure. For Samuel, the museum was a place to celebrate failure because every failure was the beginning of a success. This is what made Samuel increasingly hard at collecting failed items as an attempt to foreshadow a better future.

2. Museum of Bad Art (MOBA)

The museum confirms the bahwa any artistant entitled to fail in his work

MOBA has a motto “art too bad to be ignores”. In accordance with its name, that this museum keeps works poorly rated work of art. This museum opened in 1994 has a collection of artworks that are considered to have no artistic standards. The various forms of art here are mostly obtained from donations from the maker, the rest from secondhand shops as unsold items and from trash cans.

Despite receiving donations, MOBA cannot accept all works that are judged to be failed. They have standards a curator himself to judge whether a work is worth it is called failure. Works that want to be displayed in MOBA should be original, have serious intentions to be made, have many flaws, have attractiveness and not factory prints. MOBA is currently in the city of Boston, but the management plans to relocate and will announce their latest location once the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

3. Museum of Broken Relationship

Telling of his getaway live and the fragileness of the human heart in matters of romance

One of the failures that the common experienced man is heartbreak. Founded by a pair of Oli artists Vistica and Drazen Grubisic, who once experienced a candid relationship. From that life experience, the couple founded the Museum of Broken Relationship. The museum teaches a way to forget the memory of failure in romantic relationships to visitors by releasing objects that hold memories.

His collection of wills departures, diaries, gift objects from loved ones already, an axe used to hit cheating lovers and various other objects that keep the story of sad in a romantic relationship. Originally, the museum was located in Argentina, but because of the sheer number of interested parties and collections they had, eventually this heartbroken museum opened a branch in Los Angeles.

Final Words

Well, of all three unique museums it turns out that ferocity is not the end of a painful story. If docked he well failed precisely to be a source of inspiration for others. Be interested for a visit to such a unique museum? Or so inspired to fuse your own failures?~

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